Hi Anime fans :)
It's great to see so much amazing Anime cels and collections here on Rubberslug.
As for my collection it started a year ago and as you can see it's not a big collection well it's actually very tiny ^.- compared with most of the collections here!
My collection i purpose is a litle boring as i only like to strive for quality and saving up.
So in founding my first cels from "Neon Genesis Evangelion" i know they were special and i am proud of them and they were worth every red cent.
But but then this year i came across "Serial Experiments Lain" and right from the start even when i first "lain" and the bizarre science fiction images in the movie i know i was hooked.
So finally i found the right time to watch "Serial Experiments Lain" and i fall head over heels in love with Lain and the unfolding story of this weird landscape called the "Wired" and so now i have became a major Lain diehard fan :)
I am trying to build my "lain cels" but i am quickly realizing they are very rare.
So please enjoy what i have in my collection to date-
And let me know what you think- with feedback and comments.
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News & Updates

2/8/2013I have received my 3 YJ 'lain' cels this week and they are Awesome. Here is the link if you would like to check out out my 'lain' cels before i add them :-) http://www.flickr.com/photos/serial_experiments_lain/
2/2/2013Today i am so happy and it's my favorite time of the week late Saturday night :-) This is a special message for James *A big Thank you to Cyphr* I have had so much fun over the last two hours getting all my 'lain' research together or a awesome reason to watch my beloved 'lain' and so to add with these adorable 'Serial Experiment's lain' cels and douga's. \^-^/
1/25/2013I have been really busy here i forgot to add there 3 more 'lain' cels iam so excited they will be in my hands soon. And also just around christmas time i was lucky to find same 'Hell Girl' gengas that were freshly listed on the internet :-) I hope to list them soon.
1/6/2013Big News- there will be coming up soon! 'Serial Experiments lain' cels I am extremely excited* and looking forward to receiving them and sharing them with you :)

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Serial Experiments Lain (10) 2/9/2013

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